The Social Media War

Dec 09

The world and People’ inside it are getting more internet savvy and so they are using more social sites to connect to each other. There are too many websites on internet where people keep themselves live and talk or discuss about their lives or experiences. Even a tiny thing like getting a bite from ANT used to come online nowadays! Yeah, people used to update many things related to their life or anybody else’ life. It’s called sharing or updating your personal things on websites which offers them services with cool graphics and easy to update media war yogendra chavda

So, all these updates going viral on internet websites. These websites are called Social Media Sites. There are also some categories for each interest. If you like to update your personal and non-professional stories or life then you can go to Social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. and to reach Professional people’ you can go to linkedin, Xing etc.

That means many People are connected to internet for Professional or personal use on those above shown sites. For each and every website there are many users and so, each and every site wants to be on TOP to reach as many people as they can.

All these websites are just constantly trying to update their websites with new features and effects to attract people using many ways. Some of the changes have recently come out which I have shown below:


Added New look with Timeline feature which shows the user his/her updates from 14 years or the day he/she joined Facebook!


They have just changed their design to reach the people the same way Facebook and Google+ have done.


It’s Video sharing site so not a major update but yes they have changed it 1st time to make it little bit social and more personal I guess. They have added social connection features on homepage only!

Google +:

Google was very popular in search engines and now they have come with their own product which is quite like facebook but they have different features with different purpose with different effects. Still running towards the public. They have “circles” feature the same way facebook has “friends” feature. They have also made a G+ button the same way facebook has their LIKE button!

This was just an overview of the changes on those sites which are popular in social sites list. But the main part is still remaining that why they are fighting so hard to come on top? Yes, you heard it right. They are quite like fighting by changing their designs and adding features constantly to gain user confidence.

As per current rankings Facebook is still on TOP of all social networking sites but twitter has just about to change their design which was on TOP some years before! So we have to wait to see about which one will come on TOP in this Social Media WAR.