Google Update Again! Acquisition & Behavior Features in Analytics Tools

Oct 08

Hey folks,  I was just browsing through my Google analytics and saw a change in the Google analytics tools features!

Google have changed so called “Traffic Sources” to two new different features! Now there are Acquisition and Behavior.

You can find them both just below the “Audience” option in Google analytics dashboard.

This is 3rd update of this week by Google!


Google analytics AcquisitionThis contains all traffic sources, Keywords, Adwords, Social & search engine optimization features which were there in Traffic sources option earlier.


Google Analytics Behavior FeatureThis option contains all details about behavior of the visitor. Such as, Behavior flow, Site content, Site speed, Site search , Events, Adsense, Experiments, In-page analytics. (I am not sure why adsense is there!!)

I find both the features quite same but only time will tell about how effective this features will be.

Stay tuned for more Google updates.